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NY Med - 8 Part Series (3-DVD Set)

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From the award-winning producers of "Boston Med" and "Hopkins" this eight-part series takes a raw and intimate look at life inside the most famous hospitals in America's largest city.

The series takes a candid look at how cutting edge medicine often makes the difference, although even the best surgeons can find themselves flirting with disaster. The raucous ER staff trades jibes with strong-willed New Yorkers in moments that can be poignantly heartbreaking or off-the-hook hilarious. These doctors spend far more time with each other than with their families, developing complicated and intertwined personal relationships.

Episode 1 - 7/10/12:

  • Rhonda Fernandez is a mother of two with a brain tumor that will be fatal if her surgeons cannot extract it.
  • Mehmet Oz may be the most famous doctor in the world due to his high profile on TV talk shows and magazines, but what most people don't know is that he is still one of the world's most highly skilled heart surgeons.
  • Marina Dedivanovic is a brassy, Bronx-born ER nurse whose knock 'em dead good looks leave some admiring patients stammering.
  • Arundi Mahendran hails from a Sri Lankan-British family is a resident in abdominal transplant surgery.

Episode 2 - 7/17/12:

  • A pernicious liver disease has brought Jon Kuhfeldt to his knees and only weeks away from death. his only hope now is a liver transplant.
  • Sebastian Schubl has the fastest and surest hands of any young trauma surgeon in recent memory. He got that way because he was thrown in the deep end as an intern starting out at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Then came Hurricane Katrina, which washed away his job, his marriage and a city he had come to love. With his black scrub cap as a tribute to what he left behind, he focuses on saving lives.
  • Diana Costine and Katie Duke join Marina Dedivanovic in the ER to make a hilarious trio of nurses who don't take guff from New Yorkers.
Episode 3 - 7/24/12:
  • John Rankl, a veteran of the Gulf War who is also HIV positive, has been overcoming the odds all his life. Now it's a pump that keeps his heart beating, and any hope of a future depends on a transplant.
  • Dr. Oz finds himself in both the role of patient and doctor after he decides to follow his own advice and submit to a colonoscopy that he has been putting off.
  • Tara Margarella is a feisty, Brooklyn-born chief resident in trauma surgery.
  • ER Nurse Katie Duke returns in this episode to treat a charming young woman who has cut her forehead and broken her nose in a taxi accident.
Episode 4 - 7/31/12:
  • Valeria Simone came to the U.S. as an illegal immigrant crossing the Rio Grande on an inflatable raft. Today she is one of her hospital's top trauma surgeons.
  • Jan Quaegebeur is widely considered the world's greatest pediatric heart surgeon, he must try to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball that is lodged in a four-year-old girl's heart.
  • In the ER, Diana Costine and Katie Duke struggle to restore a heartbeat to a man who arrives more dead than alive.
  • Len Girardi is known as an "old school" surgeon who believes that today's residents are coddled by only working 80 hours a week when once they would have had to work a hundred and twenty. He quizzes his young charges relentlessly and mercilessly. But watch him struggle with a patient's ruptured aorta in the OR, and like his residents, viewers will become believers in Len.
Episode 5 - 8/7/12:
  • Andree Brown is a professional, single mother who raised her college-aged son alone. She has lots of friends, interests and plans until a visit to the doctor reveals cancer in her breast. Viewers are right there with her when she learns whether the disease has spread and what her prognosis might be. It is an acutely intimate portrait of a woman struggling to reclaim her life.
  • Arundi Mahendran and Anthony Watkins return to be part of a team performing a risky living donor liver transplant in which a 21-year old man gives half of his liver to his 19-year old brother.
  • Ben van Boxtel has the clean-cut good looks of the all-American son of Green Bay, Wisconsin that he is. A first-year emergency medicine resident, his good natured, even-tempered disposition serve him well as he is forced to deal with some obnoxious intoxicated patients and as he tries to calm the chaos that engulfs a rescue team trying to save a woman injured in a car crash. Ben's facade of control crumbles when colleagues decide to pull a prank on him in a scene that viewers are unlikely to soon forget.
Episode 6 - 8/14/12:
  • Lyndsey McLaughlin is the life of the party. She is a 26-year-old who dreams of touring the world and learning to surf. But what holds her back are her dying lungs. Lyndsey has Cystic Fibrosis, a disease she cannot survive unless she is fortunate enough to get a lung transplant. With time running out, Lyndsey is accompanied by friends and family on a "booze cruise" around Manhattan. As dawn breaks, doctors try frantically to locate her with the urgent news that a donor is available.
  • The ER's triumvirate of sassy nurses return.
  • Surgical residents Anthony Watkins and Arundi Mahendran return to share the trials and tribulations of being schooled by exacting senior surgeons.
Episode 7 - 8/21/12:
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz performs a heart valve replacement on an elderly woman whose husband is desperately afraid of losing her.
  • Jill Schmidt is expecting her second child, but this baby has such serious heart abnormalities that it seems only a miracle worker could hope to save it. Enter Emile Bacha, a Lebanese-born pediatric heart surgeon.
  • Debbie Yi is a Korean-American ER doctor with a rapid fire, no-nonsense delivery and a mischievous sense of humor.
Episode 8 - 8/22/12:
  • Rita Saverino must calculate whether to have a rare and potentially fatal surgery in an effort to excise the extensive cancer in her abdomen. The surgery will remove her liver, stomach, kidney and intestines from the abdomen, cut away the adherent sarcoma, and finally put the organs back into Rita's body. Dr. Tomoaki Kato is world famous for this operation, which has been criticized by some who says that not enough studies exist to support such a radical procedure. For Rita's family, it is a gamble for life, a wager they cannot refuse.
  • Chris Towe and his wife, Vanessa Ho, are residents in surgery who sometimes get to operate together.
  • Allan Stewart is a cardiac surgeon who drives high-end sports cars and is engaged to a celebrity food show host. Unabashed in evaluating his own skills, he knows that nobody wants a surgeon who lacks confidence or is unsure of himself.
  • Jesse Gottfried looks like a 13-year old boy. The problem is that Jesse is actually 18 and has Crohn's disease, which leaves him with intestinal blockages so severe that he has trouble absorbing the nutrients his body needs in order to grow. Fabrizio Michelassi is the charming chief of surgery at New York Presbyterian's Weill Cornell hospital who has invented a new kind of colon surgery that could provide Jesse with a normal life.